Verge Coin – The secure & anonymous crypto currency

Verge Coin is a crypto currency that wants to take the principle of cryptography seriously. The developers behind the coin increasingly rely on secure privacy and the possibility to disguise their own data during transactions.

Work on Verge is still concentrated and technologies are being further developed. Nevertheless, at the end of last year, Verge became an insider tip and made good progress in the area of market capitalisation.

What is this Bitcoin revolution?

Like many other crypto currencies, Verge is a decentralized, digital means of payment. The Verge crypto currency is very Bitcoin revolution oriented, but places a clear emphasis on anonymous use. Ve rge Coin seems to be returning to what many have forgotten in the hype about the rising prices of Bitcoin and Co. – or never interested. The real reason for Bitcoin revolution development was to create a means of payment that would function independently of government institutions and allow users to make anonymous transactions.

To protect users and their assets with the help of onlinebetrug

The coin is also called a black paper. It is based on blockchain technology, which is very similar to Bitcoin’s technology. In general, Ver ge ge seems to continue and further develop many classic concepts of the first crypto currency. Just as Bitcoin, Ver-ge should be able to be used for buying, it should be an alternative to the established Fiat money, says onlinebetrug. In order to guarantee full anonymity, the Tor network and i2P are to be used for transactions using the crypto currency. These networks obscure, among other things, the IP addresses of the users and blur traces in the form of data according to onlinebetrug.

Bitcoin’s blockchain has been further developed in such a way that Simple Payment Verification significantly accelerates transactions. Transactions can be executed within 5 seconds. Simple Payment Verification verifies that a transaction is legal without any human intervention. This is done automatically by the computers participating in the network. Bitcoin’s proof-of-work, on the other hand, seems almost antiquated. The multi-mining algorithm is another technological peculiarity that Verg/e has Bitcoin ahead of the competition. This increases the speed of the network even further. This speeds up the transaction speed even further.

Like Bitcoin, this crypto currency can also be mined. In English: Mining means that users make their computers available so that transactions can be processed on them. In return, a few coins jump out as a reward for the miners. In contrast to Bitcoin, the coins are distributed evenly among the participants.